What is MoveFree?

MoveFree with Georgina Ramos is designed to get you moving better, reducing pain, discomfort and stiffness, improving fitness and well-being, helping you be the best version of you.  My belief is that there is more to feeling well than exercise, and have based my offering on four pillars, or core values, that relate and interconnect with each other:

  • Connection is the first because it’s what makes me as a person thrive.  Equality and inclusiveness mean that nobody cares what you look like, what your beliefs or background are, what your age is or what your current fitness levels are.  You are seen, heard and valued, exactly as you are.  Which means you don’t show up because you ‘should’ but because you want to.  And if you don’t want to for a while that’s okay too.
  • Fun, or a sense of play, helps us feel more at ease, which can not only be helpful with chronic pain issues but also speeds up the learning process because our brain has some context for the movement.  It ties in with pillar 1 (connection) because laughing together puts us on an equal footing, so everyone feels safe and accepted.  An element of play allows us to try new things without worrying about the outcome or what others might think.
  • Mindfulness is essential because I don’t believe we can have good physical health without good mental health or vice versa.  We bring an element of mindfulness to our movement in MoveFree classes because the skill of noticing is the first step to change, and it requires us to slow down a bit so we can feel our way through what might be causing us pain, or preventing our strength or mobility from improving.  It interconnects with the previous two pillars because if we feel connected and safe to laugh with each other because we’re having fun then we’re more likely to feel uplifted.
  • Movement is the fourth pillar or value.  The quality of our movement is affected by the other pillars.  It’s not as simple as moving more, we need to pay attention to moving more of us as well as moving more often, bringing a sense of meaning to our practise so that we’re not going through the motions and repeating unhelpful movement patterns.

At MoveFree our current semi-private classes are Beyond Pilates (combining traditional Pilates and Yoga, with the modern techniques of Biomechanics and Applied Movement Neurology) and Animal Flow (ground-based complex movement to give you a fun and challenging workout).  Each approach is tried and tested, and shown to have positive results time and again. 

If you have a bad back or arthritis, are recovering after pregnancy or want to improve fitness and flexibility for running or climbing, this is for you.  During a class you will explore how your body moves through a variety of different movement patterns and learn how to open up your thinking around how you walk, run, lift, and stand.  When it feels stuck, weak, or sore then it shows us where your ‘body mechanics’ may need fixing to help you move better.

Semi-private online classes (of eight or less) are available.
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Move Free


What’s biomechanics you ask?  If you imagine a machine which is working out of alignment, and that wonky movement was repeated again and again, over time there would be wear which may cause a breakdown.


Applied Movement Neurology is a method based on understanding the controlling mechanisms of the body, i.e. the brain and nervous system.
Move Free


Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility and breathing.
Yogalates (as the name suggests) is a blend of Pilates and traditional yoga flows and stretches, combining the strength benefits of Pilates with the flexibility, mindfulness and spirituality of yoga.

MoveFree one to one sessions

Whilst many people might be happy with what they get from a class or group environment, others might feel like they could achieve more with 1:1 attention. Not just freedom from pain and discomfort or regaining movement and flexibility, but increasing the strength and condition of their body so that they can achieve the best version of themselves for whatever their chosen activity might be.

Perhaps in conjunction with another therapy, the results of treatment could be integrated through movement and therefore retained by the nervous system.  In simple terms, if you’ve achieved great results through physio, sports massage, muscle activation, or any other therapy, the best way to get those results to last is to move your body in the new patterns achieved so that your brain retains them.

Sessions offered at 90 or 60 minutes. 

  • Biomechanics 30% 30%
  • Animal Flow 20% 20%
  • AMN 20% 20%
  • Yoga 15% 15%
  • Pilates 15% 15%

Our Classes

Beyond Pilates

Rehab work for specific issues or correction.

Restorative stretches to ease tension and de-stress.

Biomechanics-based strengthening.

Max 6 people per session
Drop in price: £15
Regular price: £50 per 4 weeks (12.50 per session)

Animal Flow

Strength-based complex movement.

Improve coordination and mobility.

Fun and challenging workout.

Max 6 people per session
Drop in price: £15
Regular price: £50 per 4 weeks (12.50 per session)

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