Healthy Hands Workshop 


Did you know that your hand mobility and wrist strength might be affecting your neck and shoulders? 

I wrote a blog last year about what had inspired me to take more of an interest in hand anatomy.  I’ve come across clients who experience a wide variety of problems relating to hands.  For example, it might be your knitting hobby causing repetitive strain or arthritis in the joints causing pain.  Or if you have hyper-mobility in the joints of your hands we’ll look at ways to strengthen the muscles so you don’t put strain on the connective tissue.

I’ve recently been inspired by several clients with neck, shoulder, or elbow issues.  Because they had tight hands, they struggled with the correctives I would give them to help their shoulders and/or neck.

If you’re stressed out about the latest lockdown news, these self care techniques might also be valuable tools to help ease tension. Maybe you’re working from home and typing a lot, or maybe worried about not working.

In this 90 minute workshop we’ll take a look at your individual circumstances.  You will learn simple steps to improve your hand strength and mobility.  We will also build strength from further up stream at the shoulders and thoracic spine.

There is a handy pdf which is available for free and will be good to refer back to after the event.  If you don’t come to the workshop it’s still a good place to start!  Don’t be fooled by the title if you’re not into knitting, the exercises are translatable.

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