About MoveFree

Move Free is run by me, Georgina Ramos.  I was initially drawn to Pilates in my mid-20s, after working in office jobs after leaving school had left me with chronic lower back pain.  Through my own practice and attempts to self-heal I realised I had more of an interest in the body and how it works than other participants seemed to, so I decided to retrain as an instructor so that I could share this new passion with others.

I trained with Modern Pilates and obtained my formal qualification as a level 3 instructor in June 2013, although this was after several years of self-practice and teaching practice as an apprentice.  Since then my learning and training has been continuous, not just through meeting all the wonderful and varied clients I have come across but also by keeping up my training through regular workshops and courses.

Since gaining qualifications in both clinical and classical Pilates methods, I find I am more influenced in recent years by other methods which focus more on natural movement, mainly the work of Katy Bowman (Nutritious Movement) and the Academy of Applied Movement Neurology, a course I am currently undertaking and which is adding a whole new level of understanding of neurology, the nervous system and will eventually incorporate more understanding of the endocrine and immune systems.  

Amongst the many clients I see on a regular basis there is such huge variety in their needs, whether it be something mechanical like back, shoulder, knee or foot issues, or perhaps stress management because of a busy job and/or family life.  It might be ladies who are expecting or post-partum, athletes or sedentary office workers.  Perhaps some have been told (or simply believe because that’s the current status quo) that their issues are down to their ‘age’ or ‘wear and tear’ and should just be accepted.  What they have in common is a desire and willingness to try something different rather than accept things that are less than ideal.

Across the board what I see is that our bodies are crying out for a better way to move, that we can all improve how we move, breathe and allow ourselves to feel and pay attention all the time, not just for an hour a week.  Finding a sense of meaning in our movement practice gives it so much more value!


  • CYQ level 3 (EQF4) in teaching Modern Pilates
  • CYQ level 3 (EQF4) Adapting exercise for pregnancy
  • Diagnostic Pilates 3 – the spine (reps 4)
  • Spinal conditions (reps 6)
  • Pilates on the Ball (reps 16)
  • Balanced Body reformer and movement principles level 1
  • Corpus Pilates Foundation and Level 1 Matwork
  • Corpus Pilates Foundation and Level 1 Chair and Cadillac
  • Corpus Pilates Foundation and Level 1 Reformer
  • Be Activated Technique Levels 1 & 2
  • Level 1 Cerebellum – Academy of Applied Movement Neurology
  • Level 2 Neuro Skeletal with the Academy of Applied Movement Neurology
  • Level 3 Homeostasis with the Academy of Applied Movement Neurology – (ongoing)
  • ELDOA Method levels 1 & 2
  • Animal Flow Level 1

Additional workshops:

  • Extension analysis and functional assessment – Modern Pilates
  • Balance, stability and resistance – Modern Pilates
  • Scientific approach to stretch – Modern Pilates
  • Primal Movement Chains with Dr Perry Nickleston
  • Psoas (muscle of the soul) with Noah Karrasch
  • Healthy Foot course – Nutritious Movement biomechanics with Katy Bowman
  • Science of the Psoas – Nutritious Movement biomechanics with Katy Bowman
  • Hidden Kyphosis – NutritiousMovement biomechanics with Katy Bowman
  • Movement Ecology during Pregnancy – Katy Bowman Nutritious Movement Biomechanics
  • Strong Shoulders for a Strong Core – Katy Bowman Nutritious Movement Biomechanics
  • Neuro Flexibility – the Academy of Applied Movement Neurology
  • The Science of Ageing – Ageing Well biomechanics course
  • Tom Myers Anatomy Trains – Body Reading 101
  • Tom Myers Anatomy Trains – Structure and Function
  • Functional Foot and Ankle Series – EBFA Global