Beyond Pilates

What is Beyond Pilates?

My Beyond Pilates classes are influenced by the work of Katy Bowman’s Nutritious Movement (NM).  If you haven’t come across her work before, check out Move Your DNA which is available in paper-back or audible; she’s written lots of books, but I’d say Move Your DNA is a great place to start! 

I have set out below some excerpts from the NM website which help to explain how it’s a very different paradigm from your usual movement class.  If you check out the NM website you will see there are plenty of blogs, podcasts and even virtual classes for your enjoyment and education – I know that not everyone will be able to come to my classes but if I can encourage you to do something then on some level I’m still helping you to find a way to get moving and feel better!

“Nutritious Movement recognizes that not only do we need to move our whole bodies more; we also need to move our individual body parts more.So, we combine big-picture education on biomechanics, kinesiology, physiology, natural movement and simple, basic exercises to wake up all your trillion body parts. With lifestyle tips and community-building initiatives, Nutritious Movement helps you build a supportive movement community and create a more natural habitat in a modern context.  Simply put, we help you move more parts of you more often and more effectively.

Around the globe, people are waking up to how many of our ailments and illnesses can be attributed to our deeply sedentary habits. People have been told to move more and move better to resolve their pain or decrease their risk for certain ailments, but they’re not sure where to start.

While most movement resources are geared towards how to structure a bout of exercise, we teach accessible, regenerative movement to people with all bodies and lives, including people with chronic pain or joint replacements, pre- and postnatal women, parents and kids, and even office workers. Athletes and exercisers, too, benefit enormously from this step-wise approach to stabilising and strengthening the whole body for whole-life goals.”

In a semi-private MoveFree Beyond Pilates class we will look the geometry of your joints and the alignment of your bones in both static and moving positions, in order to teach you how to put the least strain on your body and therefore alleviate or prevent potential problems.  For example, if you’re hyper-mobile in some of your joints you may well be taking that joint too far to try to feel a stretch, or unaware that the instability in that joint is putting pressure on the structures above or below. 

I also take an interest in what you do most of the time (because that’s what your body adapts to irrespective of how much ‘exercise’ you do or don’t do), so that you can learn how to do those things mindfully and reduce unnatural strains on your body.

People of any background would benefit from this kind of movement, no matter what your age, profession or hobbies are.  These are the basic foundations that help you to get better at the things you love doing, so that you can enjoy a pain-free, healthy life.  If you’d like to try a free taster class click here to book.