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Have you ever signed up to a gym membership or an exercise class that you went to once or twice and then fell out of the habit?  Committed to a running regime that lasted a week?  Ever wondered why it’s so hard to stick to ‘exercise’?

Perhaps your favourite thing in the world to do is play golf or dance, and there are two issues you might have: one, you’re held back by painful knees or a consistently niggly shoulder and; two, you spend your free time doing your favourite thing and struggle to fit in other lifestyle changes.  You’ve been to the GP, had the referrals and the scans, maybe had a diagnosis of osteophytes, calcification of the joint capsule, tendonitis (diagnoses are meaningless if they don’t solve the problem, what do these words even mean??)… you might even have had a hip or knee replacement but, well, the problem of less than optimal function hasn’t gone away and it detracts from the enjoyment of your hobby.

Maybe pain isn’t the issue (or at least not the only issue) but you keep hearing ‘sitting is the new smoking’.  You get a yearly health check through work and it turns out your ‘bad’ cholesterol is higher than it should be, or you’re running dangerously close to type 2 diabetes.  Or perhaps your favourite thing to do is knit beautiful things or play online games where you socialise with a thriving online community; you’re aware that you have a sedentary lifestyle but the thought of joining a gym leaves you cold. 

Or maybe you do love exercise, you’re a member of a great gym with a sense of community and you want to be able to maintain your practice by balancing out the more intense stuff with restorative movement.

Our Beyond Pilates classes are highly personalised semi-private classes, where individual correction will ensure that you become aware of the movement patterns that are causing unnatural wear and tear on your body.  The precise geometry of your joints will have an effect on the muscles engaged and therefore the quality of your movement; all of the corrective exercises are parts of standing and walking broken down into smaller pieces, the whole of which sum up to fewer aches and pains and more freedom of movement.

  • Strengthening exercises are performed only in correct alignment, in order that the appropriate muscle fibres begin to be trained
  • Advice is provided to ensure that you are aware of small lifestyle and postural changes that can make a huge difference without needing to necessarily put aside much time to ‘exercise’
  • Restorative stretches are bolstered appropriately to ensure a passive release of tight tissues, which will enable the alignment changes to feel less ‘alien’ when standing and walking
  • The movement is adapted according to the individual’s specific aches, niggles or issues

Drop in prices are £10 for 60 mins online or 45 mins in person, click here to book 

Our Animal Flow classes are fun and challenging, involving ground-based complex movement patterns designed to improve strength, mobility, coordination, stamina and flexibility.

  • Crawling patterns have been proven to help with cognitive function as well as cross-body gait patterning
  • Bone-loading is a known osteoporosis preventative measure and building upper-body strength with appropriate mobility is invaluable to all of us no matter what the age or demographic
  • An element of play and fun helps the learning process to improve coordination

With semi-private sizes of 8 or less, we hope to be able to provide classes that enable people to feel like they have a safe environment to move in, with no element of competition or judgement.  No one cares what we look like, what we’re wearing or whether we’re doing anything ‘right’.  We move and laugh together.

Drop in price is £10, click here to book

Private sessions – £45 for 60 mins. These can be held online, in person at your home, or at Prime Mover Fitness in the City Centre.  Ideal to focus on specific things you want to work on like improving shoulder mobility for your tennis swing, or improving your strength and coordination in your Animal Flow practice!

Private session block – £160 for four.  Better value if you’re up for going deeper.  To be used within 8 weeks.



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