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About our Beyond Pilates Classes

If you are a parent to young children, have a stressful job that requires long hours in front of a computer or you are half way through your degree or some other form of academia (or perhaps some combination of all of the above!) then you might have experienced stress, poor sleep, overwhelm, irritability, and if you do have any pain complaints they might well be made worse by your environmental stressors.

At MoveFree we also offer a different kind of class that focuses on complex movement.  All movement and forms of exercise influence the brain, cardio-respiratory system and central nervous system to some degree.  However, complex movements in particular, which involve changes of orientation to the brain, balance, co-ordination, the need for you to engage with the process of learning, and some level of cardiovascular stimulation have been shown to encourage increased connectivity within the brain.  One can expect improved memory, cognition, spatial learning, co-ordination and attention as a result of considering the brain and central nervous system’s role in our overall function.

As well as all this, there is a sense of reward from achieving something you’ve spent time developing and learning, which means effectively the reward circuitry in the brain is stimulated to release dopamine and feel-good hormones, and for anyone receiving any other therapy or treatment, learning these movement patterns will help to integrate the benefits in a more lasting way.

Beyond Pilates Restorative Movement Class

Rehab work for specific issues or correction. Best for people who require more personal attention.

Max 6 people per session
Drop in price: £15
Regular price: £50 per 4 weeks (12.50 per session)