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Your FREE taster session will be one of our 60 minute Biomechanics classes.  Sign up for your free session using the form to your right and we’ll contact you to arrange your booking.

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What Does The Class Entail?

Our MoveFree Biomechanics classes are highly personalised small group classes, where individual correction will ensure that you become aware of the movement patterns that are causing unnatural wear and tear on your body.  The precise geometry of your joints will have an effect on the muscles engaged and therefore the quality of your movement; all of the corrective exercises are parts of standing and walking broken down into smaller pieces, the whole of which sum up to less aches and pains and more freedom of movement.

What Happens in a MoveFree Class?

  • Strengthening exercises are performed only in correct alignment, in order that the appropriate muscle fibres begin to be trained
  • Advice is provided to ensure that you are aware of small lifestyle and postural changes that can make a huge difference without needing to necessarily put aside much time to ‘exercise’
  • Restorative stretches are bolstered appropriately to ensure a passive release of tight tissues, which will enable the alignment changes to feel less ‘alien’ when standing and walking
  • The movement is adapted according to the individual’s specific aches, niggles or issues
  • Conscious movement patterns assist the mind-body flow of information, further reinforcing the strengthening and mobilising of tight or weak muscles.


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Timetable & Locations

If you wish to book online please go to our booking page or contact us, we have the following availability:

Mondays: 7:15pm Thrive (see map for location)

Tuesdays: 6:30pm at Thrive (see map for location)

Wednesdays: 5.30pm at Sheffield Wellness Centre (see map for location)

These classes are offered in 60 minute sessions

Kinetic Clinics

Address: 8 Town End Rd, Sheffield S35 9YY
Phone: 0114 245 4300


Address: Cowlishaw Works,
Corner of Sharrow Vale Road and Cowlishaw Road,
S11 8XB
Phone: 07906 334087

Sheffield Wellness Centre

Move Free at Sheffield Wellness Centre

Address: 635a Abbeydale Rd, Sheffield S7 1TB Phone: 0114 383 0747