I really hate going to the gym so I find George’s classes a real substitute giving me improved flexibility and core strength. Golf is my main exercise and George’s biomechanics classes certainly increase my core strength and mobility, which is great for golf.

I have also recently had a new knee and George takes account of that with the exercises she gives me to do. I love George’s classes, I find them a real workout for parts of the body I didn’t even know existed but they are relaxing too.

Peter Ivey

In January 2018 I started to experience pain in my right shoulder that really disrupted my sleep.

I started with physiotherapy exercises and later an ultrasound scan identified calcification in one of my tendons.
Gradually the severity of the pain reduced to be bearable at night.

In July 2018 I started weekly one to one sessions with Georgina from Move-free. Within two weeks I realised that my shoulder was not giving me pain during the night at all.

The exercises seemed unusual and require concentration. For example I couldn’t listen to my radio whilst I did the sequences. That aside with a little practice the exercises are simple to do.

What I admire in Georgina is her tenacity to get you to perform the exercise correctly.

I have recently started her weekly group class. They are small groups and Georgina is equally as attentive to detail.

Tina Bramall

I met George about 4 years ago having been discharged from hospital with Arthrosis in the base of my spine,with lots of pain killers and little hope of walking properly again. Over time, George gently got me moving again with great patience and encouragement,and now I am back scuba diving,motorbike riding and clay shooting again.I can not thank her enough for literally turning my life around and continuing to keep me active whilst having a laugh.

Chris Housley

69 years young

At one of her Pilates classes Georgina showed us a range of exercises to increase hand and wrist mobility.  I was intrigued because the movements she demonstrated were often different to those I had been shown by physiotherapists to help relieve osteoarthritis in my wrists and hands. Keen to find out more I arranged a one-to-one session so that I could find out more about the techniques that might help improve my flexibility, build up strength around the affected joints and help with pain relief. I took my mobile phone with me to record the exercises and since then have done a selection of them on most days – they’re now part of my daily routine. I have been really pleased with the results. The pain in my wrists (which was mainly located at the base of my thumb) has virtually vanished and I no longer wear the supports that I used to use for gardening and other activities that required a lot of wrist action. My hands are also much improved and although there are still times when they stiffen up I now feel that I have access to effective routines which I know work for me in helping ease the stiffness and discomfort.

Gill Anderson

I have been attending sessions with Georgina now for four months, and working with her has had a real and positive effect upon my physical and emotional well-being. Because each group is small there is a real focus upon building trust and understanding, and as each week goes by she takes the time to understand you and your body and tailors the activities to your unique needs and ability. With a real sense of knowledge and attention to detail, Georgina gradually and carefully guides you through the variety of exercises and movements and gently and clearly helps you to build upon each session and develop further your range and strength.

I have acute osteoarthritis in one knee, having had the other knee replaced, and have been looking for a movement class where I feel safe and feel that my individual needs are recognised and catered for. Through her gentle instruction, guidance and in-depth knowledge Georgina supports me with the exercises and movements and helps me to understand the structure of my body, the reasons for the particular exercises and how they benefit and also how I may adapt if and when I need to.

I often arrive at the class tired and with low energy after a long day at work, but know that I will walk out of the class feeling better both physically and emotionally. The sessions have really helped with my posture and my strength and given me much greater awareness of my own body and how it works and how I can help to keep it healthier.

I love the atmosphere in the classes. Georgina is very clear with her guidance and instruction and also has a lovely light touch and positive way of helping support and guide people. This is the first class ever that I continued to attend regularly, and I really enjoy each session.

Trish O'Shea

Reaches the parts that others do not reach.

My session yesterday evening involved the smallest of movements and yet this morning my body tells me that those movements reached new areas – the areas that need to come back to life and into every day use!
I have been on the exercise and gym trail for some years now, for all the different tracks I have explored, the Biomechanics is having particularly amazing results.  I enjoy the mindfulness aspect of the sessions – the conscious mind connecting with the held stretch together with movement.  The correction by the smallest of amount to a pose or movement definitely makes a real difference and leads to an extended range of movement. 
I feel so lucky to have come across this new area of exercise with Georgina, this new knowledge of the body is certainly cutting edge.
Anne German

Not being a person who is into exercise, I’ve been really inspired and motivated by what Georgina offers. Quite a lot of what she’s been teaching me is rolling on the floor and developing core strength. These rolls feel very primal like the early development a baby goes through as it discovers it has a spine and a body or perhaps even links in to some ancient DNA memory of how, as fish, we first came out of the sea and learnt to move on land! I find the stiller I am the more my body seems to naturally remember how to make these movements, something just seems to kick in and it starts to twist and roll in beautiful ways!

I really enjoy my sessions with Georgina. I love the natural organic moves and rolling patterns and as a result I’ve noticed a big difference in a sense of inner core strength, balance, confidence in my body and clarity of mind. Georgina is hugely experienced and really great at clearly explaining and demonstrating some quite complex movement patterns in a very friendly way. She makes it easy and inspiring to exercise!

Dhira Ishaya

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